Wedding Photo Booth hire South Florida

Wedding Photo booth hire South Florida is a fairly new concept to the wedding industry, they have evolved from the large almost industrial looking low quality booths usually found in shopping malls to the ‘Florida Rustic Photo’ designer booths housing professional grade cameras, these deliver high quality Images directly to your Wedding guests via the latest dye sublimation printers. This all sounds very good but what really is the effect of having a booth at your Wedding.

Well the effects are obvious, if you are wanting to add an air of excitement to your Wedding reception, then a Florida Rustic Photo Photo Booth is a sure-fire winner. It not only creates a high energy atmosphere among your guests but it also provides them with a memorable experience and a unique set of pictures that they will treasure for many years. Each of our booths comes with a full-time attendant who’s job is to look after your guests and guide them through the process of having their picture taken.

There is also a negative side to having a booth at your Wedding. A lot of booth companies have sprung into existence in the last couple of years. The owners come from all walks of life and have very little experience of digital Imaging which is exactly what we are talking about here. The Booths have either very basic black flight case designs or they are big and bulky requiring a large set up area. Then there is the look; Many of the Booths we have seen involve bright, gaudy colours which inevitably cheapen the look of your reception. Here at Florida Rustic Photo we have looked at these issues very closely and decided to adapt our Booths specifically for Florida Weddings.

We have noticed that most reception decor is based on either white or pastel colours, its the colour accents within the rooms that gives it the look and feel the Bride is looking for. We have done exactly the same with our Shake Photobooths. We have them custom-made in California then shipped over to the USA, we went for a fresh modern design that would lend itself to any reception room. We are able to accent the colour of the Shake Photobooth to match the colours of the reception room. This means that our booths blend perfectly with the look you have spent so much time and effort into creating.

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Next, comes the Image quality because we are a Florida Wedding Photography studio we know a thing or two about Image quality. Housed in our booths is an 18 million pixel camera giving very high quality pictures. On the evening of your Wedding your guests will receive a strip of pictures which will be printed on site. However the day after your wedding you will receive a link allowing you to download all of the Images taken by the booth. These are large enough to be printed as an 8×10 and are retouched before you receive them, yes you heard right, we put your Shake Photobooth Images through the same editing workflow as your Wedding Images go through.

The camera in the Shake Photobooth sits inside a professional grade ring flash of the type usually found on fashion Photo shoots, this means that the Images we take through the booth are lit beautifully. It also means that the booth is not just for fun but will also act as a serious Imaging machine. We usually find that during your Wedding, guests will want pictures taken of their families however they never ask us to take them for fear of taking our attention from our clients. Our Booth solves this problem, your guests are invited in to have pictures taken, they simply do so without using the props, the booth will take a series of beautiful family pictures which will be fully edited and sent to you the following day. This means that you will receive many more family pictures than you would using another booth company.

Shake Photobooth Florida 4

As a Photo booth company we have many booths however, we only have two booths designed specifically for Florida Weddings. If your Wedding falls on a Saturday then remember there are only so many Saturday’s through the summer months and we book these up very quickly. Please feel free to give us a call on 07470 111939 or visit our Florida Wedding photography web site to check our availability.

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