Wedding fayre at the Earl of Doncaster

While the weather was a little chilly outside, we were happily rocking and rolling inside talking to lots of inquisitive Brides and new clients alike. It has been a while since I set foot in the Earl of Doncaster and wow what a surprise. The walls are bathed in 1930’s Art Deco extravagance. Beautiful black and white pictures of movie stars of that era hang from the walls. I was in my element, as I looked around I felt like a small child, everywhere I looked I saw possible pictures, oh how I would love to shoot here. To truly capture Images reminiscent of that era you would have to shoot with a hard light, a fresnel spot to be exact, one that gave hard shadows in order to chisel out the jaw lines of the grooms or enhance the cheek bones of the Brides. I think a model shoot may be on the cards in the next few weeks 🙂

Florida Rustic PhotoMarlene-Dietrich-1930sShake-WeddingsShake-Weddings-Gable


The show lasted about four and a half hours and we did not stop talking the whole time, at the end we were whispering in order to save our vocal chords. I was surprised at the amount of Brides who were in the very early stages of planning their Wedding, some of the dates were for 2018, on the other end of the scale we did take a booking for a wonderful couple for July this year at the very beautiful Aston Hall Sheffield. We had our Shake photo booth on show for all of our new clients to see and they could not believe we were giving it to them free of charge.

Shake Photobooth Florida 4

You could see the grooms looking for a catch, I explained to them that the photo booth would not cost them anything and on top of that all of their guests would receive pictures on the evening of the Wedding. One Bride eagerly pointed out that this would save her buying wedding favors as the pictures were gifts in themselves.



We ended the day with me Bec heading down to the restaurant to enjoy succulent salmon and a glass of Pinot Grigio. What a day, exciting clients, an inspirational venue and a great meal. Pinot Grigio, well that always helps.

Si & Beccy Shakespeare are award winning master photographers, photographing weddings in both the USA and abroad. They were voted Brides choice Photographers of the year for 2015.

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