Tips for a successful destination Wedding

About a 25% of couples decide to tie the knot away from home, and the trend is rapidly growing. Although planning a wedding from afar may seem even more difficult than planning a wedding at home, there are a few pointers I can give you to ensure your day runs seamlessly.


A Few Top Planning Tips for Your Destination Wedding

First and foremost, communication is key. Getting information out to vendors early and often is essential. As soon as you get your date booked, contact all of the guests and give them the essentials, Details, including hotel room block information, local airport transfers, and transportation details including taxi numbers, public transport etc. Likewise, ask your family and friends to let you know about any dietary restrictions they may have, this will come in useful as you start planning the menu’s with you destination caterer.

You also need to be aware of the fact that not everybody will be able to attend your destination wedding. Luckily, sending them your wedding hashtag will allow them to keep up to speed with the planning process — and the big day itself — as it unfolds through social media.


Don’t be afraid to make your wedding your own. What I mean to say is just because you’re far away from home don’t feel you need to just have the hotel package. In fact, lots more couples are putting their own individual stamp on their destination weddings than in years gone by. These days, both brides and grooms want their Wedding Day to reflect their love story, they want to celebrate their uniqueness and they’re doing so through their own décor, custom wedding day stationery, and activities. More recently, food and beverage selections have also played a bigger role in the celebrations, very often representing the couple’s heritage, favourite hobbies and pastimes, and shared experiences.

Interested in a fusion menu that showcases foods native to the area you have chosen for your Wedding. Your Wedding coordinator will be able to put you in touch with a catering company who are capable of finding creative ways to incorporate regional dishes into the reception menu.

If you are still not sure how to make sure your amazing destination wedding goes off without a hitch? Enjoy a couple of my top tips for planning your big day away!


Communicate with the Caterer, hotel and other vendors

When looking at all of the options for your wedding menu, let the caterer know your needs in plenty of time, this will allow all of the vendors in the chain including your hotel to meet your expectations.

Dietary Restrictions

Remember that your friends and relatives are often spending a great deal of time and money to attend your Wedding, It would be showing them a great deal of respect to request any dietary restrictions in advance in order to make culinary decisions with them in mind.

Simon Shakespeare is an award winning International Wedding Photographer, he is the lead photographer and owner of Florida Rustic Photo currently based in South Florida in the USA however they also have a studio in Florida and make regular trips abroad to photograph beautiful weddings.

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