Pippa & Dan’s Whitley Hall Wedding

Pippa & Dan had a more traditional Whitley Hall Wedding whereby they married at the very beautiful Aston Church with the reception being held at the equally beautiful Whitley Hall Sheffield. Both of these venues are steeped in history and create the perfect back drop to wonderful photography. Pippa and her girls were to get ready at her parents house before going on to Aston Church. Everything was very calm and quiet apart from the odd giggle as the girls took it in turn to release the Wedding tension that builds up at all Weddings.

Bright English sunshine streamed through the windows and the colours coming straight out of camera were stunning. After carefully photographing all of the flowers, jewellery, gifts, dresses etc there was a frantic rush to get to Church to and meet up with Dan and the boys. This day was turning out to be a truly memorable Wedding, everything was perfect. Guests had started arriving and my time was spent shooting from a distance with a long lens. This allows me to photograph people while they are not aware, these pictures are far more natural than people posing. I did take lots of posed shots but this was usually at the request of the guests,

Pippa and the girls arrived looking beautiful, nerves had kicked in at this point and Pippa fought back tears as she arrived in her breath-taking Rolls Royce provided by American Pie Limousines. The Wedding was a light-hearted affair with lots of laughing and it wasn’t long before we were en route to Whitley Hall Sheffield where we were met by Tom sporting two refreshing glasses of Pimm’s. All very British!

Whitley Hall as usual rocked our world, they are a very busy venue and as such organised this Whitley Hall Wedding with a mastery only gained through lots of experience. We, as well as the guests were treated like kings and I still remember the gasps of around 20 guests entering the gardens through the little quaint white door, their eyes taking in the perfect English garden on a perfect English day. This was only to be topped by a peacock sunning himself on the lawn.

As usual with Weddings time was tight and we went straight to work taking photographs of our wonderful couple. The idea is to work quickly in order to give the Bride and Groom some time to enjoy their day with their guests. I have included about 120 pictures from the Wedding to give you a feel of the lovely time we had. If you are looking for a photographer for your Wedding please give us a call on 07470 111939 or send us an email through our website www.floridarusticphoto.com


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