Nat & Simon Whirlowbrook Hall Wedding

Nat & Simon’s Whirlowbrook Hall Wedding was a little different for me, I usually start with the Brides home photographing dresses, jewellery, the girls having fun and the Bride. This time I started with the groom and his family at their parents house which luckily was not too far from Hillsborough Church where the ceremony was to be held. Part of the fun in being a                  Wedding Photographer is that we find ourselves in all manner of lighting conditions, sure we bring lights with us but there is something special about using beautiful English sunlight. Sometimes I will use it as a main light in order to light a face, other times its best used as a back light creating a sheen around somebody’s hair.

The light on this particular day was either harsh and direct or dull and blue in colour, it went from extreme to extreme. While this was a challenge it also made for some unique effects. Hillsborough Catholic Church is brick-built, definitely a more modern built Church. The brick work warms up the light inside so even on a cold day it still feels warm.

Whirlowbrook Hall as usual looked stunning as we drove through the manicured gardens and around the rear of the building. Light rain had just started to fall and we were quick to get inside. Drinks were served and the 60 or so guests feasted on the delights provided by the chef.

Right on que the rain stopped, the cloud cleared and sunlight bathed the beautiful gardens. With military precision all of the guests as well as the bridal party made their way to the front of the building where in quick time we rattled through the family shots. This was all coming together beautifully.

We had lost a little time with the weather so we only had about 15 minutes to make use of the gardens for the Bride & Groom portraits, I keep these fairly low-key and natural which worked well with the feel of the day. The evening ended with a most stunning firework display provided by Komodo Fireworks. Here are about 50 or so Images to give you an idea of how the day went. If you are looking for amazing Wedding Photography please feel free to give me a call @ 07470 111939 or you can email me through my web site,  If you are interested in a Whirlowbrook Hall Wedding then click on the link above which will take you straight to their website.




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