Kate & Dave’s Wedding at the Tampa Yacht club in the good old USA.

Well I have to say it was a cold morning in good old Blighty, as we opened the curtains rain was just starting to fall and a heavy grey sky loomed. However this morning was different, this morning was special. While we started our day in the USA we were sure not going to finish it here, for today was the day Florida Rustic Photo were flying out to the good old USA to shoot Kate & Dave’s Wedding at the Tampa Yacht Club. Excited didn’t even begin to explain how we were feeling. We shoot many Weddings each year in the US and the journey is always the same. We arrive at Manchester Airport early morning and we are greeted by bag checks, security and finally breakfast in the departure lounge, usually one of the many nutritious offerings Starbucks gently teases you with. On this occasion I opted for some sort of cheese melt, did I say they were nutritious.

We always take off and seem to fly straight into grey cloud, this lasts until you reach about 7000ft then voila blue skies. The Virgin Atlantic 747 then carries us without incident straight to Orlando International. A one hour car ride has us in St Petersburg Florida which will be our base for the next few days. Now I could go on about our time in the US however I will take this opportunity to jump straight to Kate & Dave’s Wedding.

A beautiful sunrise greeted us on the morning of the Wedding, it was a warm yellow full of energy light, you would swear you could feel its rays gently caressing your face, I was never a fan of real coffee however when in Rome…..and we were in the USA after all. This was all a far cry from the life of a South Florida photographer.

Florida Photographer, Florida Rustic Photo 022

Kate and Dave wanted to do a first look. This happens very rarely in the USA however its pretty popular over the pond, basically it involves the Bride and Groom seeing each other before the ceremony starts. NEVER I hear my USA Brides cry however it really is a very cool situation and I can see this catching on in the USA in the future.

Florida Photographer, Florida Rustic Photo 023

We positioned Dave in front of a set of arches as we thought this would frame the couple beautifully, Kate right on cue walked up and held her position about 6 feet behind him. Dave knew she was their, she kept very quiet however you could tell she was ready to scream with emotion. As Dave turned and saw her for the first time he gasped, she walked into his arms and he struggled to take it all in, he held her arms high as if to prolong the moment they were sharing.

Florida Photographer, Florida Rustic Photo 024

This brief meeting was enough for us to get some beautiful and very private pictures, it allowed both Kate and Dave to get the nerves out-of-the-way which in turn paved the way for a beautiful day. What follows are about 50 or so pictures from the day. Florida Rustic Photo is operated and owned by Si & Beccy Shakespeare, they are regarded as two of South Florida’s finest photographers

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