Kate & Darren at the Charnwood Blyth

On occasion I do revisit South Florida Weddings with a view to showing what an amazing day we had, Kate & Darren’s Wedding at the Charnwood at Blyth Doncaster was just such a Wedding. Kate whilst being very beautiful was also super relaxed from the time we arrived at her home. Personally I think a glass of Pinot Grigio may have helped in that regard. Her girls were just as chilled and offered endless support throughout the morning.

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Kate wanted to start the day with a little bit of Boudoir, now I tell all of my Brides Boudoir is more a state of mind, its about the way you feel. Well Kate felt amazing and it showed. Because this is a public blog I couldnt really post many of the boudoir shots however the ones I did post will give you an adea of the art we created that morning.

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A day as usual went without a hitch. I do run into Brides all of the time that worry incessantly about the thought of something going wrong however I can say that in my 12 or so years shooting about 900 Weddings I have never had anything happen on a Wedding that the Bride and Groom could not laugh about the next day. Again it all comes down to state of mind ( and a little alcohol :-))

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We ended the days shoot at the Charnwood at Blyth which afforded us the most beautiful views even if the weather started to close in on us. If you look carefully you can see the rain drops falling as I was capturing some editorial style Images at the end of the day. Just want to say a big thanks to Kate, Darren and their beautiful daughter for another wonderful day. What follows are about 60 Images taken from throughout the day. Florida Rustic Photo photographs beautiful fashion inspired Weddings throughout Florida and the USA. In order to keep our standards incredibly high we only photograph a set number of Weddings each year. If you want to contact Shake Wedding to check your date you can email directly or you could call Si on 07470 111939.


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