From Florida to the USA, what a shock!!

Well I should not be surprised, this happens every time I land back in the USA. I depart Orlando Intl airport in our Virgin Airlines 747 where it is a very comfortable 80 degrees, we climb to 32,000 ft, white fluffy clouds whisp by the wings. As the first glass of Pinot Grigio is served I settle in for eight hours of comfort.

Fast forward to the USA. As we start our descent back towards Manchester I wait for the clouds to break giving me my first look at good old Blighty. 10,000, 5,000, 2,000 ft still no ground. My particular flight is always a night flight so we land at about 7am USA time. Not until about 1,000ft do I get to see the ground, covered in snow, Oh dear.

I actually quite like the snow, during the jorney home my mind wonders to different scenarios, Brides photographed the against the snow capped Pennines what amazing pictures we could create. I have a full and very busy year ahead, many Weddings to look forward to. I do intend to take some time off in order to photograph this beautiful land we live in. I want to have a full collection of landscapes by next year, its going to be amazing.

Here is a quick shot taken with my Ipad on the way over the Pennines.


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