Florida Wedding Photographer, Alexandra & Travis, destination Wedding.

Well it seems destination Weddings are becoming more popular than ever, this time we left South Florida and made our way to Europe to shoot the Wedding of Alexandra & Travis. Very often we book Weddings straight from the Web site, Brides call us having gone through our work and establishing the fact that we are the one’s to rock their world on the wedding day. This was one such Wedding. The telephone call went something like “Are you free, I want to book you” further to this she wished to have very little input in the photographic plan of the Wedding, instead she wanted us to just run with it, express our creativity, a blank canvas if you like. These are the Weddings we find exciting.

You see before we are Wedding photographers we are just photographers, it almost feels a little like Neo in the film ‘The Matrix’ at a certain point he starts seeing the world as numbers scrolling from top to bottom. As Photographers we see colour shape and form in a way that just makes sense. When these all come together in a photograph we feel a tingle, If you add emotion then we scream. I can imagine its like winning the lottery, one by one watching the numbers as they are drawn, just one more, just one more then WOW.

We have a little more control, we can add or shape the light, we can make the form, we can access the colour. The emotion well then that’s another thing all together, that has to come from our clients. Sometimes its excitement, fear, apprehension I could go on and on. As Photographers and especially Wedding photographers our role is to allow our wonderful clients to smile, laugh, cry and in the middle of all this make a beautiful Image. The relationship is key, I have forgotten how many bridal bedrooms I have walked into to find the Bride a little stressed. I have walked over and given her hand a little squeeze, a two second talk and a great big hug and we are back on track, this isn’t just a routine we go through, it’s all genuine, very real and that’s what keeps it authentic. Brides become our clients become our friends, we photograph them then their babies, what a beautiful profession.

Alexandra was softly spoken, almost timid but in a very lady like sort of way, you felt an air af class when she walked into the room, she wasnt afraid to show emotion which I felt was a gift, a gift that allowed her to connect with people on a much higher level. This showed almost immediately as she read a letter from Travis, her eyes watered before she got to the second sentence, it was a beautiful moment, I took the shot and it made for a beautiful picture.

Florida Photographer, Florida Rustic Photo 003

Travis on the other hand was a man’s man. He was quick-witted and had to be in order to cope with the barrage of banter coming from the guys. It was all great fun however I did have to get him on his own to get the getting ready pictures otherwise it would have never happened.

Florida Photographer, Florida Rustic Photo 017

The ceremony flew by, partly because it was idyllic and partly because a great big storm was rolling in and we all felt we were against the clock. You can see in the ceremony picture the sky was just starting to turn very dark indeed. We did have time to finish the group shots and a few images of the happy couple and it was the wedding coordinator who finally stepped in, no big deal really every week its the same story, we try to use every spare second. I can’t be too bad for the same wedding coordinators are always quick to refer us to new Brides looking for photographers who are able to connect with the brides vision.

Florida Photographer, Florida Rustic Photo 048

Florida Rustic Photo in South Florida is owned and operated by Si & Beccy Shakespeare, both award-winning master photographers in their own right, while most of their Weddings take place in Florida and the USA they very often travel abroad to photograph beautiful Weddings in beautiful locations. What follows are about 70 Images which will give you a feel of the day.


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