Alyssa & Chris

The Embassy Suites Tampa is a beautiful imposing hotel in the heart of Downtown Tampa, Si Shakespeare of Florida Rustic Photo was honored to be asked to shoot the Wedding of Alyssa & Chris. Pretty much the whole Wedding took place within the hotel, for any normal hotel this might have seemed a little much but not for the Embassy Suites. Its cavernous interior easily swallowed up the guests and provided stunning surroundings to boot.


As a photographer,  shooting Weddings where everything takes place in the same building is a dream, we get so much more time to take pictures as there is no traveling, add to this everybody is so much more relaxed. Alyssa was a very gentle Bride, constantly smiling, appreciating every moment of this special day. Chris had a very similar character,  you could match them instantly as the perfect pair. I have loaded about 80 Images from the Wedding. I am off to slightly colder weather over in the USA from next week where I should be spending most of the year. I have to say I am looking forward to rocking and rolling with my English Brides.

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